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10 incredible tunnels that have become landmarks. Part I

If you want to see Paris or Berlin from an unexpected angle, you should not look at all the famous sights, but somewhat lower, underground. It turns out that incredible tunnel systems, lurking ancient secrets, can be hidden there. We will talk about them in this article.

Mines and catacombs in Paris

Not everyone knows that hundreds of meters of one of the oldest and most terrible tunnel networks in the world stretch under the streets of the French capital. An especially nightmarish part of the catacombs can be considered an underground cemetery. By the way, while in Paris, you can get there on a tour. The bones of 6 million people who literally wall the walls will help you instantly forget about the delights of the Eiffel Tower.

Corridors for drug trafficking in Tijuana

Under the very border between Mexico and the United States hides mines that once made a profit, but today do not function. This is not about coal mining – these underground tunnels used cartels to smuggle drugs into San Diego. Most of them were closed after being discovered by the police, but some still serve the interests of the mafia.

Underground City in Berlin

The remains of the Third Reich bunker system became a source for a number of conspiracy theories and a route for public excursions. The old labyrinth connecting Nazi bunkers, bomb shelters, and even the former aircraft factory, is what it takes to leave the flat streets of Berlin and go down into gloomy catacombs.

Tokyo flood collector

Although the Japanese authorities are engaged in attracting tourists on excursions to tunnels underground, not everyone knows about the existence of the Parthenon at a depth of 50 meters near Tokyo. It is difficult to imagine that in the most unexpected place for that, huge columns were erected and halls were equipped that can be moved by car. The purpose of the monumental building is to protect the capital of Japan from flooding. As you know, Tokyo is in a zone of high risk from tropical cyclones, and a complex system of giant funnels and reservoirs of the collector should take the brunt of itself in the event of a cataclysm.

Toronto Pedestrian Tunnel

The underground world of Canada’s largest city may seem too prosaic: you cannot find either huge columns, bones, or the mafia here (most likely). But near Toronto, you will find the largest shopping complex in the world, The Path, through which more than 100,000 people pass through every day. Almost every city attraction is “connected” to an amazing system. Thus, you can take a tour of Toronto without even climbing to the surface.

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