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10 inspirational travel movies

Together with the online cinema Okko, OneTwoTrip chose ten films, after which you really want to buy a ticket, pack your suitcase and go to the airport. See, be inspired and plan your next trip! And those who have read to the end are waiting for a nice gift from Okko 🙂

1. “Walk”

What inspires: throw everything and rush to Peter

Two best friends – they are played by Evgeny Tsyganov and Pavel Borshak – walk around Peter in the company of a pretty cheerful girl (Irina Pegova), whom she met a few hours ago. This walk is filled with laughter, tears, flirting and, of course, the beautiful landscapes of the city. Nobody removed this Petersburg before the Promenade – not a majestic monument, but a beautiful vain city in which young Russian Europeans live easily and with some anguish.

The script was written by Avdotya Smirnova, directed by Alexei Uchitel. Tsyganov and Pegova are still very young and charming, and in the end, Evgeny Grishkovets appears.

Take the first step to the journey: go to St. Petersburg

2. “Eat, Pray, Love”

What inspires: to start a new life in one of his beloved countries,

Liz understands that she does not live at all the life she wanted. She divorces her husband, temporarily leaves her job and goes on a real trip to all the countries of which she had dreamed for so many years. First, she goes to Italy – to learn the language, communicate with charming locals and, of course, eat. After a few months, he leaves for a remote Indian ashram to pray (and lose weight at the same time). And the trip ends in Indonesia, where Liz meets the man of his dreams.

The autobiographical book, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert several years ago became a real bestseller, which was read by almost all women on the planet. In the film, Liz is played by the smiling Julia Roberts, and her love is the inimitable Javier Bardem.

Take the first step to travel: go to Rome

3. “Midnight in Paris”

What inspires: to wave to Paris, to walk the streets at night waiting for Marion Cotillard

A budding American writer comes with his bride to Paris. He dreams of the beginning of the last century when Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dali, Bunuel and other classics lived in this beautiful city. At night, he runs away from his capricious future wife and unexpectedly discovers a hole in time: at one of the streets of the writer he meets an old car that takes him to the same beautiful 1920s.

Woody Allen made another masterpiece: a wonderful romantic comedy with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Marion Cotillard, watching which you can’t refuse to go to Paris.

Take the first step to travel: go to Paris

4. “Everest”

What inspires: go to the mountains (finding a previously reliable guide) A difficult story, moreover, based on the real tragedy of May 1996, when several people did not return from the expedition to Everest. Then tourist expeditions to the great mountain only gained momentum. An experienced instructor Rob Hall leads a group of climbers: almost all of them have already climbed several peaks, and everyone is ready to hike physically and mentally. But nature has its own plans. Nevertheless, after the beautiful landscape shots, I really want to get into the mountains – even if I did not immediately attack Everest.

In the beautiful film of Balthasar Cormacour, the novelty of 2015, several large stars appeared at once: Jason Clark, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, and others.

Take the first step to the journey: go to Nepal (but before that, still begin to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise)

5. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

What inspires: at least re-read Tolkien, at most – go to New Zealand, look at the locations of the Hobbits – a peaceful and not adventurous people, invented by the great John Ronald Roel Tolkien. Nevertheless, when the wizard Gandalf the Gray appears on the threshold of one hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, and then immediately the thirteen gnomes, he has no choice but to embark on an amazing and dangerous journey with them. They will pass through the lands inhabited by goblins and orcs in order to win back the mountain that once belonged to the dwarves from a huge dragon.

Peter Jackson, who presented us with an amazing adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, continues his beautiful novel with Tolkien’s books. Almost all the landscapes in the film are the director’s somewhat improved homeland, New Zealand.

Take the first step to travel: head to New Zealand

6. “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”

What inspires: to quit and buy a ticket to Iceland

Walter Mitti was a small man all his life: he served in the photo lab of Life magazine, did not stand out, did not heroize, was not noticed in the frenzy. This did not stop Walter from presenting himself as a superhero, and one day he had the chance to show what he was capable of. The negative of the important photo that they want to put on the cover of the final issue disappears from the darkroom, and Mitty embarks on an absolutely fantastic journey, in which there will be helicopters, steamboats and even a skateboard ride through the valleys of Iceland.

This is the fifth directorial work of Ben Stiller with himself in the lead role – and, frankly, after this film, it is impossible to perceive him only as an actor of uncomplicated American comedies.

Take the first step to travel: go to Iceland

7. Brooklyn

What will inspire: change your life by moving to the USA. Or to Ireland. Or do not change anything, but just go there for a couple of days.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the young Irish Eilish with one suitcase sailed to America to start a new life in Brooklyn. At home, she leaves her mother and older sister. Ahead is a frightening big city, work in a large store, an evening school and a meeting with the charming Italian Tony. But the tragic news makes Eilish return to his homeland, where she meets another, no less charming and more promising young man. As a result, the girl has to make a difficult choice.

For the main role in Brooklyn, Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Oscar -2016, although she did not receive the statuette. But it doesn’t harm the film at all – if after watching you don’t want to walk around New York or find yourself on a deserted beach in Ireland, we don’t even know what else to offer.

Take the first step to travel: head to New York

8. “In the wild”

What will inspire: to arrange a big road trip in the USA and Mexico

This is a real story of a young man named Christopher Mackendles. He had everything that one could wish for: a wealthy family, a lot of money, a car, a good education. But one day he decides to abandon this stupid material world, donates all his savings to a charity fund and goes on a trip. He even refuses on behalf of becoming Alexander the Super-tramp. Alexander traveled around the United States and Mexico and ended up in Alaska, where he settled in an old bus in the middle of a harsh desert area.

The film was shot based on a book by John Krakauer (the same John from Everest), and directed by Sean Penn. Starring Emil Hirsch.

Take the first step to travel: head to Washington

9. “Under the sun of Tuscany”

What inspires: to go to sunny Italy in search of love

A somewhat shortened version of “Eat, Pray, Love” for those who do not like Julia Roberts, and prefer Italy to Indonesia and Indonesia. The writer Francis Mays divorces her husband and goes to scatter in Italy. Tuscany makes such an impression on her that Francis buys a dilapidated mansion, meets her neighbors and, of course, meets true love.

It only sounds cloying, in fact, the film is considered almost a classic, and it is always recommended to everyone who lacks a little Italy in life.

Take the first step to travel: go to Florence

10. “Hotel Grand Budapest”

What inspires you: drive to Hungary and stay at the most respectable hotel

The fascinating adventures of the eccentric concierge Gustav and his young friend, receptionist Mustafa. A regular guest at the Grand Budapest Hotel, the millionaire Madame D., bequeaths to Gustav the valuable painting “The Boy with the Apple”. But after her death, the son of Dmitry is announced, who does not agree with the will and accuses Gustav of murder. Further events spin with a staggering speed – perhaps only the number of stars per meter of the film is staggering. Ralph Fiennes, Adrian Brody, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, Saoirse Ronan, Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray – you can continue for a very long time.

You are unlikely to be able to get to places where this amazing story takes place: the country Zubrovka and the city of Lutz were invented by the scriptwriter and director Wes Anderson. It is a collection of everything that the average citizen thinks about a certain country in Eastern Europe. Why not take Hungary for her?

Take the first step to travel: set off for Budapest

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