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11 beautiful places of the planet from cult films

1. “The Girl from Denmark” (The Danish Girl)

Eddie Remane and Alicia Wikander are the main characters of this difficult drama, telling the story of a girl named Lily Elbe, the first in the world to have a sex change operation. The action takes place in the 1920s, in the most beautiful European countries – France, England, Germany, Denmark, and Norway. Copenhagen simply falls in love with its vibrant buildings, cobbled streets and Nyhavn promenade.

2. The Survivor (The Revenant)

In this sensational film, the main role is played by DiCaprio. The director is Alejandro González Iñárritu, who won an Oscar last year for the film Birdman.

The Survivor tells the story of Hugh Glass, who was left to die after the attack of a grizzly bear in South Dakota. While many critics say that the film has too much cruelty, the landscapes show amazing beauty: the shooting took place in Canada, in the Tierra del Fuego in Chile and in Argentina.

3. “Out of the car” (Ex Machina)

A sci-fi thriller featuring Alice Wikander, Oscar Isaac, and Domhal Gleason tells the story of Av, a humanoid robot who later helps the girl escape. But the real star of the film can rightfully be called the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway. It is glass itself, located in the forest, has its own spa and a stunning restaurant serving Nordic cuisine.

4. The Macbeth

At the heart of the film, as the name suggests, is the famous tragedy of William Shakespeare, which tells how the main character Macbeth becomes king of Scotland after the assassination of King Duncan. Naturally, the action takes place in Scotland, on the island of Skye, which is known for its beauty, medieval castles, and picturesque cities.

5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

It’s no secret that Star Wars was shot mostly in studios. But in the last episode at the end of the film, the action is transferred to Skellig Michael Island in Ireland. This was no coincidence since the Irish Ministry of Tourism thus wanted to draw the attention of travelers around the world to its nature, culture, and traditions. Given the number of Star Wars fans and the obvious beauty of the country, this is unlikely to be difficult to do.

6. Brooklyn

No matter how funny it was, but most of the “Brooklyn” was filmed in Ireland. In general, this film is about an Irish woman who moved to New York (to Brooklyn) and is trying to find her place there. The main character Ellis comes from the small Irish city of Enniscorthy, which is full of history, ancient castles, and charming bridges.

7.007: Specter

In James Bond films, as a rule, always pay attention to the cast and location. In this part, the action takes place in Mexico City, Rome, Austria and, of course, in England. It all starts with the Parade of the Dead in Mexico, continues in Zeldn and further develops very unpredictably.

8. The Mustang

Mustang, nominated for the title of Best Foreign Film (Golden Globes), tells the story of 5 orphaned sisters growing up in a small conservative Turkish village. Most of the film was shot in Kastamonu, in a region of lush forests, turquoise bays and medieval architecture. Among the famous cities that flash in the film: Inebolu, Abana and, of course, Istanbul.

9. “Mad Max: Fury Road” (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Mad Max: The Road of Fury is one of the high-profile films of 2015, which has already managed to get 2 Globes. Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. The scene in Australia, Namibia, and South Africa, but the most colorful scenes were filmed in the Namib desert. This is a stunningly beautiful place that you should go to at least because of the unique flora and fauna.

10. “Jurassic World” (Jurassic World)

If dinosaurs could be saved from extinction, then perhaps Hawaii would be an ideal place to host them. The main filming locations are Kauai and Oahu, or rather the Kualoa Ranch and Na Pali Coast National Parks. And it’s definitely worth getting here to see everything with your own eyes.

11. “The New Testament” (The Brand New Testament)

The New Testament is another film nominated for the title of “The Best Foreign Film.” Its action takes place in Brussels, the film itself is a kind of black comedy, telling an alternative story of God.

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