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6 vivid weekend adventures in Europe

It all depends on you because the Old World is not ready to put up with your age. He has a lot of adventures for tourism lovers, to whom this article is devoted.

Speed ​​trip to the Balkans

Via Dinarica, a pedestrian and bicycle trail was opened two years ago, extending 1,000 km from the Slovenian Dinar Highlands north to Macedonia through Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Getting to know the many iconic spots during an eight-day bike ride is unusual, to say the least. Choose the best route for yourself and hit the road: White Path for lovers of heights, Green Path for cyclists and Blue for fans of long walks along the coast.

Introducing Wild Spain

Did you know that the Iberian lynx once inhabited most of the Iberian Peninsula, and today is known as one of the rarest felids in the world? Now you can meet her only in two places: in the Doñana National Park south of Seville and in the Andujar Natural Park in the north of Andalusia. Perhaps the weekend in Europe during which you followed the trail of the Iberian lynx is a good story in your piggy bank.

Bicycle Tour in Romania

Ancient forests, highlands, villages protected by UNESCO, in which the lifestyle has not changed for many centuries – all this is modern Transylvania. If you want to get to know this amazing world closer, go on a bike tour from Kund to the southeast to Wiskri and enjoy Europe that only locals know about.

Kayaking in Estonia

The Baltic coast of Estonia, fortunately, in some places remains relatively untouched and close to a deserted state. There are special sea routes where you can go kayaking. One of these lies between Prangli, where about 150 people still live, to the islands of Kolga Bay. The untouched nature and abandoned Soviet watchtowers will accompany you during the two-day swim.

Walking in the mountains of Slovakia

A weekend in the mountains of Europe is certainly the Alps, you say? It turns out that there is a less expensive alternative: the High Tatras, which run along the border of Slovakia with Poland. Here you will find immediately 20 peaks, whose height exceeds 2500 m, on a plot of 26 km. And the view of the rocky peaks, valleys, and lakes is what you need here!

Canyoning in Corsica

One of the most beautiful French islands is intended not only for a stylish beach holiday. Not everyone knows, but the peaks of Corsica – and there are over 50 of them – are a kind of Mecca for lovers of mountaineering and canyoning. If you suddenly decide to distract from the contemplation of the Mediterranean Sea, climb the mountain of Monte Chinto and feel for yourself how different Europe can be.

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