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7 Top Travel Misconceptions

And now, when the world is technologically ready for you to travel it far and wide, no prejudice should stop you. We have compiled the 7 most common travel myths that make you not yet sitting in the cabin.

Group tours are not so “atmospheric”

If you choose a reliable company, everything will be exactly the opposite. Small initiative groups organize unique trips and excursions for travelers. Income from their activities goes to local communities, which need more money than large corporations. Look in the names of the operators for the word “eco” and ask the locals – so you can take part in a memorable and authentic group tour.

Traveling abroad is dangerous

Some travel myths appear in response to certain events, and this is one of them. In connection with the increasing terrorist attacks in some countries, people often think about personal safety. Fortunately, most tourist destinations pose no threat. It is only important to stay up to date with the news and not to neglect safety measures.

Traveling is very expensive

Nothing annoys experienced travelers more than this fallacy. The industry is developing so rapidly that for every expensive hotel room and platinum business class luxury airline there are hundreds or even a thousand budget alternatives.

You will never return from solo tours live

Myths about travel-related to safety assure that traveling alone is a bit of a suicide. In fact, everything is completely wrong. Do not neglect precautions and go only to those countries where the level of crime and political tension does not threaten your life.

The ride is not worth the effort

Misconception generated by nerds. Believe me, the view of the blue expanse of the sea from the window or the towering mountains at once compensates for the time spent in the airplane chair.

You can only spend money on travel

But no. You can stay on the road as much as you want if you get a source of income. Fortunately, today the list of opportunities for earning abroad and remote work is only expanding.

Jetlag caused by lack of sleep

In fact, for violations of the circadian rhythm of the body, anything is responsible, but not what time you went to bed on the eve of the flight. The most obvious culprits of ill health after landing in another country are time zones, dry air onboard, pressure drops and an unusual diet.

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