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8 most beautiful active volcanoes

Let’s try to guess your first thought: “they are nuts!” But if you envy them and secretly want to repeat these crazy sorties, you should be pleased with the fact that now there are at least eight active volcanoes in the world. Near them, you can take a completely safe walk, and we’ll talk about this today.


Just imagine: Sicily, about 500,000 years ago, tectonic plates collide and Etna forms. Now imagine yourself in this place, on top of the highest and most active European volcano. Breathtaking? Of course! Therefore, going to Italy, do not forget to look at Etna. To do this, you have to use the cable car and then change to an SUV. At the end of the trip, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views that extend to the Mediterranean Sea.


Even if you could never pronounce the name of this volcano, you should remember it as a nightmare for all travelers of 2010. Then Eyyafyatlayokudl seriously fever, and through his fault flights were delayed around the world. Today you can go on one of the most incredible journeys of your life by climbing to the top of it. This is a debilitating four-hour outing. But all the difficulties fade against the background of what you have to see at the very top: the snowy coast of Iceland on the one hand and the riot of lava on the other.


Perhaps the most famous active volcano in South America is located in Ecuador. Cotopaxi has a rich history of eruptions and once even destroyed several towns nearby. Calming down, he “fell asleep” for almost a century and a half, but in August 2015 he again took up his own. A foray into a relatively safe area near the crater will require a minimum of two days of climbing, but, if you believe the brave ones, the opening view is worth it.


The journey to the top is better to start from the Indonesian village of Sembalun Lavang. From here thrill-seekers can get to the northeastern part of the crater. If you want to give a moment special value, set off from the starting point at 2 a.m. A long ascent will end with the dawn at the very peak of the hill. You will have a stunning view of the rainforest, bathed in the first rays of the sun.


Those times were left in the past when anyone could stand next to the lava cover of this active volcano in Guatemala until the soles of his shoes literally began to melt. This is good or not, but today visitors to the National Park have to enjoy the view of the lava from afar. But even for the sake of completely non-extreme contemplation, people are ready to overcome a 3-kilometer climb.


If active volcanoes could be evaluated as gadgets, Poas would definitely become one of the leaders in terms of price/quality ratio. Getting to it is almost as easy as going to the supermarket – 10 minutes on the asphalt road in Costa Rica National Park. Such a trip is even difficult to adventure. At the very top, you will find an observation deck with one of the most bewitching views on the planet – a turquoise lake 300 meters deep in the caldera of the volcano and another tropical pond in its crater.


Have a rest in Costa Rica? Now we are moving to Chile, perhaps the most difficult climb. Here in the Andes, you will find the most dangerous active volcano, which allows not everyone to approach it. To get to its top, you should either hire an experienced guide or be a desperate climber. The road ahead is not easy. But, as we often noted in this article, what you see will surely shock you to the core. Villarrica is one of the five volcanoes in the world that have a real lava lake. Believe me, it is impossible to imagine this phenomenon – you need to see it with your own eyes!

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