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How to protect yourself while traveling

And most often, the percentage that you get into trouble is much higher at home than in travel. But we have compiled a selection of tips that you should not forget about if you are going on a trip.

1. Look back

Make a habit of looking around when leaving a public place. Traveling is very distracting, and from the fact that the flow of information is large, the likelihood that you will forget a jacket or anything else in a cafe is much higher, no matter how considerate you are.

2. Do not store money in one place

More often than not, at home you store all the cards in one place, right? Do not do this when traveling. If you suddenly lose all the cards and are left without money somewhere in Timbuktu, it will not be very fun.

3. Do not carry your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers.

Carry your wallet in the front pocket, or better yet, in the inside pocket of your jacket.

There are also plenty of options with belt bags when it comes to warm countries. Better if the pocket is waterproof.

4. Make a copy of all important documents

And send them to your mail. Previously, they always made copies and hid them in another piece of baggage, but this is already out of date. Nothing will be lost from the mailbox, unlike suitcases.

5. Be careful with strangers.

It is not easy to understand at a glance who you can trust and who not. But observe basic precautions: you should not go to an unfamiliar area, give money in advance of services or take food and drinks from outsiders if they themselves do not use it.

6. Make insurance

You will not regret it if you fall ill while traveling. Service in hospitals will cost a round sum if you do not have insurance.

7. Get the vaccinations you need.

Go to the doctor, find out about the diseases in the country you are going to, and get the necessary vaccinations. Also, learn precautions.

8. Do not show your well-being

There is an opinion that there are no poor tourists, so you don’t need to wear expensive jewelry for show or leave an expensive camera on your neck. Do not attract attention, this can become bait for thieves and pickpockets.

9. Some things are best done at home.

This may seem like nonsense, but you should not learn, for example, to ride a bike or a jet ski abroad. In Thailand, 38 people die per day in bike accidents. Some insurance companies do not cover any accidents; check this before you travel.

10. Check license and certificates

If you nevertheless went to some courses, then check the certificates of the instructors and read what is written in small print. There will always be reasons why one school is more expensive than another.

11. Do not leave your things to strangers or unattended

This is obvious, but many people do it all the time. Be especially careful in cafes, restaurants, airports and other public places.

12. Release

If you get into trouble and your phone or wallet is taken away, give it back. It is not more expensive than your life.

13. Do not give alms to the poor

This rule may have exceptions (monks, for example), but still, do not give money to people on the street. This is not the best way of charity. Better to participate in a volunteer project or donate money to a charity fund.

14. Try not to use a credit card in an Internet cafe

Computers in public places can remember your passwords and personal data, which can later be used by scammers. One way to trick this is to enter incorrect data several times if you still need to use a computer.

15. Do not pet stray dogs and cats

They can be sick, can be rabid, or be carriers of any other infections.

Also, do not feed wild animals, even if you really want to.

16. Be prepared for the fact that your fellow traveler maybe your enemy

Sometimes fellow travelers act recklessly and risky, asking for help from those whom you would not turn to, aggravate the situation with arrogance or do something else that is contrary to your settings. Do not push them, resolve conflicts calmly, and if that doesn’t work, then suggest traveling separately.

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