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Where to go for the best coffee and tea in the world?

Istanbul, Turkey

Despite the fact that since the time of the Ottoman Empire, Stable was a coffee city, now most of its inhabitants still prefer tea. Nevertheless, you can drink a cup of excellent coffee, brewed, most often in the sand, in almost any city.

But still, try herbal tea here: it has an amazing taste and subsequently gives a relaxing effect, which is surprising since the level of caffeine in it is quite high.

London, England

Tea in England is the same attraction as Big Ben and Queen Elizabeth. And while traditional tea is in a slight decline, more healthy herbal teas are gaining popularity. They are drunk both cold and hot, both in old institutions and in those claiming to be modern.


Kopi drink in Singapore is considered a kind of national drink. It is slightly bitter, high in caffeine and is always served with condensed milk.

Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. But since the inhabitants of the country themselves consume many times more coffee than their neighbors, only 20% of the beans are exported outside the republic. Dark chocolate is also produced here, so be careful, you might really want to stay here.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, due to its location (it is located just a few hours from the largest coffee plantations in the world), can rightfully be considered home to the best cafes and coffee houses you can imagine. When you choose dessert, stop at the traditional milk cake, the taste of which will be even brighter if you order cafe con leche to it.

Vienna, Austria

The Habsburg Empire is connected with the history of coffee beans. Throughout this magnificent era, from the beginning of the 1700s, the first kaffehäusers appeared in the city, who initially worked only for high society. Many of them have survived to this day, only now such simple joys are available to everyone.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada’s most coffee city seems to be crowded with independent coffee shops. All this happened thanks to competent city policy supporting small business. Many successful startups like Ethical Bean Coffee cultivate organic products and a conscientious approach to everything they do. Therefore, do not be surprised at how good latte can be here.

Seoul, South Korea

Korea’s coffee industry is experiencing an upsurge today, the growing popularity of this drink is due to young enthusiastic professionals opening independent cafes. They turn out fashionable, craft, inexpensive and at the same time of excellent quality.

Budapest, Hungary

Coffee is Hungary’s national drink, and in Budapest, you will understand why. Kávé, the Hungarian version of coffee, is more like the Turkish than the European: this is due to the fact that the Turks ruled here for almost half a century. It took several generations for the coffee to take root, but now it has already become an integral part of the life of almost every resident of the city.

Algeria, Algeria

On average, Algerians consume 1 gram of caffeine per day, and therefore there are so many places in the capital of Algeria where this need can be met. Turkish coffee is very popular here, however, as well as Maghreb tea, which is usually served with mint.

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